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Pink Sapphire Events

Event Opportunities

Today’s consumer’s are highly regarded as being open and receptive to emerging businesses and will support marketing, promotions and grassroots campaigns that are generated by email blasts, word of mouth, social media networks and especially through physical hands on experience. We cordially invite you to partner with Pink Sapphire Events in a variety of meaningful experiences to gain market share with targeted consumers. By partnering with Pink Sapphire Events, businesses, corporations, foundations and individuals have the opportunity to make a visible and viable connection with their targeted market. The events presented by Pink Sapphire Events create a dynamic brand awareness opportunity which will allow companies to bring exposure to their product or brand in an impactful way. Through agile event development, guests will have direct exposure to your company’s brand through customized gifting, strategic product placement and event driven marketing which will allow those directly and indirectly involved to learn about your brand’s product lines and upcoming launches. Please take advantage of having your product at the right place at the right time. For additional information about sponsorship opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is just a highlight of experiences Pink Sapphire Events has planned for calendar year 2018:

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