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Who We Are

Like the rare stone for which we are named, Pink Sapphire Events offers a unique brand of service. From the initial consultation & invitations to parting favors & thank you notes, we create an awesome event and ensure the overall experience is memorable.

With over 17 years of software development life cycle expertise, the Pink Sapphire Events team has transferred that knowledge into the event planning life cycle and created a repeatable process that always equals SUCCESS. So let the stress of your next holiday party, grand opening affair, intimate gathering of friends or birthday celebration be our delight. Let Pink Sapphire Events transform your next event into an unparalleled experience!

Why Us?

  • Achieve full enjoyment of the event by allowing us to create a "stress-free" event.

  • We will ensure the event is fulfilled in a professional and courteous manner.

  • We guarantee to infuse your unique style and personality so the event will be a reflection of you.

  • We promise to implement an event that will be unforgettable for you and your guest.

  • We will execute the event from the beginning to the very end.

  • Our process includes: gathering the event details, researching potential venues, presenting a comprehensive design concept and regualar updates of reached milestones.

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